12V DC "4000" Air Conditioner

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Product Overview

Traditional RV air conditioners require either a generator, shore power, or a huge power-hogging inverter to produce the 120V AC power needed to start and run the system.

With a Nomadic Cooling Co Air Conditioner, all you need is a battery system! Nomadic Cooling units run effecienty and directly on 12V or 24V DC power, without the waste, cost, noise, and ineffeciency that comes from using AC-powered systems.

With a proper 12VDC battery system (not included,) a Nomadic Cooling Co unit can start and run for hours on stored battery power alone- no inverter needed! It can run while the vehicle is driving, drawing power from the batteries while charging they are charged by the vehicle's alternator! You can also use solar power to offset the use of A/C during the brightest, hottest hours of the day.

Why is a DC air system so effecient?

DC Motors

For starters, DC powered motors are more effecient than AC powered motors. The motor driving the refrigerant compressor is the most power-hungry part of any A/C system, consuming up to 95% of the unit's total power needs. The remaining 5% is consumed by several smaller fan motors and the control system.

No DC-AC Conversion Loss

Any time electricity is converted between DC and AC currents, there is a loss of electricty in the form of heat.

Inverters that change DC power to AC power can easily lose 10% of incoming current as heat: 1000 watts are needed for every 900 watts of usable power! That's valuable battery and solar capacity!

By using DC power to directly run DC motors, Nomadic Cooling Co's air conditioners are much more effecient than a system running AC motors or a system that internally converts (rectifies) AC power to DC power.

No Oversized (Ineffecient!) Inverter 

Traditional A/C units require a brief but massive surge of electricity to get their compressor motors started.

Inverters cannot store any extra energy. A 2000 watt inverter will not run a 2000 watt A/C system because the starting surge will easily exceed the 2000 watt maximum of the inverter. Therefore, the inverter needs to be powerful enough to handle the surge or the motor will not run. A large enough inverter will start the unit, but run far below maximum potential and effeciency at all other times.

Even when a standard A/C unit isn't running, the inverter supplying power will be consuming (wasting) energy in "standby" mode.

The larger the inverter, the higher the cost and the larger the loss!

* "Soft Start" devices are available to store surge energy, but these add to the cost and complexity of the system.

DC systems require no inverter and can draw unlimited starting watts from the battery bank! 


  • Voltage: 12V 5A-120A max 30A Nominal
  • Power: 100W/1500W. 
  • Net Weight:32kg 70.5lbs
  • Opening Size: 14x14 or 9x14
  • Size: 
  • Cooling capacity: 13455btu 4000W
  • Noise Volume: 65dBa
  • Refrigerant: R-134a 
  • Strongest wind volume: 1200 ft/min


  • *The R134a gas is pre-filled before delivery. 
  • *Display represented  in  Celsius.
  • *Mounting bolts located outside of 14x14 opening. 
  • The 4000  battery powered air-conditioner is specifically designed for individuals who travel off the grid.
  • All Nomadic Cooling air-conditioner are powered by DC 12V/24V/48V batteries. Preferably lithium but not mandatory.
  • This is a stand alone air-conditioner. You do not need to connect to the engine to operate the air-conditioner. 
  • All Nomadic Cooling air-conditioners are non-polluting, and highly efficient units.
  • All Nomadic Cooling battery powered air-conditioners operates at or below  60dBA. Plus, the added benefit of vibration free operation.
  • Intelligent microprocessor control system, allows the user to set the temperature based on a desired temperature.
  • Includes multiple built in protection functions such as: pressure alarm, power high/low voltage, motor over-current, and motor temperature protection.

Package Includes:

  • (1) 12v  4000w Air Conditioning  Unit
  • (1) Interior  Control  Panel  -  Thermostat Included
  • (1)  Remote
  • (4) Rubber Mounts
  • (4) Metal Washers Large
  • (6) Chrome Mounting Bolts Small
  • (4) Mounting Bolts Large
  • (4) Mounting Nuts and Washers
  • (5) Small Hose Clamps 
  • (4) Mounting Bolts Large
  • (4) Mounting Nuts and Washers 
  • 900g R134A Refrigerant Pre Filled
  • (1) 14x 14 Waterproof Gasket
  • (1) Flush Mount Interior Vent

Battery Powered 100% stand alone Battery powered unit. Does not connect to motor or alternator.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review