About Us

Coming Soon - Install & Retail in Torrance, CA!

We have relocated our warehouse and and added an installation center in Torrance, CA. If you are interested in service or custom builds, contact rob@adventurevehiclesupply.com! More details will be available shortly.

About Us

Whether you are home builder, professional van conversion company, or anyone in between, we are here to supply you with the knowledge, support, and products you need to build your dream. Whether you're building a weekend getaway rig or a feature-packed van made for full-time-living on the road, we can help you find what you need.

In addition to supplying universal parts for ANY build you can dream up, we carry vehicle-specific components for the Mercedes Sprinter Van, Ford E-Series Econoline, Ford Transit Series, Chevy Express, Ford Super Duty, Chevy Suburban, Mitsubishi Fuso, and others.

Lean on us to help you find the right components you need for your build. We will do the work to research, locate, order, and deliver what you need to complete or improve your rolling adventure. We want you focus on the dreaming, building, and living of your life on wheels. We'll take care of the rest.

Our Story

Adventure Vehicle Supply is born out of a love for vehicle camping, a love for building custom camping vehicles, and a love of helping others find the parts to build camping vehicles for themselves. 

My name is Rob and I am the founder and owner of Adventure Vehicle Supply. 

Adventure Vehicle Supply, LLC Founder Rob in front of a MAN truck at 2019's Adventure Vehicle Expo in Dillon, Colorado

Standing in front of an impressive MAN overlanding rig at 2019's Adventure Vehicle Expo in Dillon, Colorado.

I was camping the Mojave Desert during the dirt bike season with my now-fiance (and key Adventure Vehicle Supply team member) Kristin. We were surrounded by huge and fully-equipped "Toy Hauler" manufactured trailers with more amenities than the average apartment.  We, on the other hand, were roughing it the coarse blowing sand and baking sun inside a cramped, hot, and flapping Coleman dome tent. While tent camping in the dirt will always be a form of "true camping"it has the same inconveniences we've experienced since the stone age (except velociraptors.) Tent camping certainly loses its allure after several days!

With dreams of desert weekends and long road trips across the West, we looked for a more capable camping setup. I discovered and became stubbornly set on finding a rare surplus US Air Force radio/runway Hi-Cube van - and spent six months searching the country before finding and purchasing one, christening it Lieutenant Van (ICEEE CREAAAM.)

 The Team and Our Custom Lieutenant Van

The future Adventure Vehicle Supply team with their "new" custom camper-to-be, "Lieutenant Van" on the shore of Lake Isabella, CA in the winter of 2016.

I don't remember when we first heard "van life," but suddenly it was on our mind nearly every moment. The van became a never-ending home improvement project- we fixed leaky roofs, laid floors, built cabinets, added a kitchen, hung drapes, and even bought matching rugs. 

I'm thankful to have a background in a lot of the trades and skills needed to build a custom van from the wheels up. I have owned, restored, and maintained vehicles since buying my first motorcycle 15 years ago. I've torn apart and rebuilt engines, axles, and wiring. I picked up welding and metal fabrication and built a small garage fabrication and repair shop.  I worked for a decade in construction as a carpenter's apprentice, residential/commercial electrician, and materials salesman for the largest plumbing wholesale supplier in the nation. 

During van-related expeditions on the internet, I noticed that there was no single source of components to service the the rapidly growing number of home builders, custom van shops, and creative vendors delivering new product to the market. With the passion we have for vehicle camping and experience in construction supply, and some cold beer, we set upon building this resource for you. It's been a long road getting here, but we've finally made it to the start of the trailhead where adventure really begins.

Adventure Vehicle Supply LLC. was officially incorporated in July of 2019 and we publicly launched our full-time internet operations in April 2020. Our storefront and install center is opening to the public soon!

Welcome to Adventure Vehicle Supply, LLC. We're happy to be your partner in the adventure to build and the adventures to come.