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How To Order

Ordering - DIY Style

You can add items to your cart and checkout without registering for an account. 

We do still encourage you to register, especially if you are looking for a custom quote or a special product package. It helps us work with you on creating an order:

Let Us Help You - Catered Style*

We have the ability to create an account for you and assemble draft orders on your behalf. Ordering complex items can be a challenging process to complete properly and we are happy to handle any part of your order to ensure we're supplying you with the correct components.

*We recommend this method for custom, complex, and/or high-cost products, especially heaters and A/C units. Due to the chemical natures of coolant and refrigerant and potential for improper sizing/installation, these particular products are usually non-returnable once any attempt is made to install them. Custom products and packages are typically non-returnable or subject to restocking fees, even when uninstalled. 


"Shipping: Calculated At Checkout?"

Large items requiring an additional shipping quote will have this shipping option in the product page:

Shipping: Calculated at Checkout

Please add this item them to your cart and continue with the checkout process. We will quote, confirm with you, and secure payment for custom shipping as part of our checkout process.

Your payment method will -not- be charged for any amount until we have agreed on shipping arrangements and added the costs to your order.

You may also request a shipping quote at any time by emailing info@adventurevehiclesupply.comChecking out simply provides us an automatic notification that you are interested in receiving a shipping quote. 

While we create a shipping quote, we will work to prepare all other items in your order for shipment. If an item requires both a shipping quote and a deposit with the manufacture to begin work or join a waitlist, we will not make the deposit before shipping charges are paid by the customer.


When you complete the checkout from our store, our payment gateway automatically "holds" your payment. This will make the funds temporarily unavailable to you, ensuring they are available to pay for the order when it is ready. It appears that the funds have left your account, but technically the bank is holding them. The same process happens at many gas pumps!

Why? In the event your order needs to be quoted, modified, reduced, or cancelled entirely, we can do so quickly and easily! We simply press a few buttons and the hold drops, quickly releasing the funds back to you. In essence, this process cancels the transaction before it is completed.

Only once your order is finalized will we officially transfer the funds by manually "capturing" your payment in our system. At this point, we can still issue refunds when appropriate, however many banks take several days to process the refund into your account. 

Order Cancellation

Vehicle Supply, LLC reserves the right to cancel and refund any order at any time for reasons including, but not limited to: product availability, supplier cancellations, pricing discrepancies, customer request, and nonpayment.