Aluminum Quick Release Mounting System

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Product Overview

Aluminum Quick Release Mounting System:

Don’t let that new First Aid Kit or Waterproof Case become a projectile or get buried underneath sleeping bags! Keep it secure and visible with Outer Limit Supply's T-6 billet aluminum quick release mount. It’s powder coated black to eliminate any sun glare and compatible with all Outer Limit Supply waterproof first aid kits. Mount your kit anywhere and in any position or use it with an existing case. This patented system has been pull tested to nearly 300lbs but it is recommended that the case weight does not exceed 20lbs.

Disclaimer #1: Installing a Quick Release Mounting System requires drilling four holes into the back of your case. After doing so, Outer Limit Supply cannot guarantee that your case will remain waterproof but we are confident that it’ll be weather resistant. (Should you find yourself submerged in water, exit the vehicle & swim to the nearest shoreline!)
Disclaimer #2: Magnets always work!!! Please make sure that there is no debris on magnets prior to securing your case.
Disclaimer #3: This Mounting System was designed to be used with a Outer Limit Supply case and mounted with four bolts to a “four-wheeled” vehicle (SxS, ATV, UTV, Car, Truck, or the like). No testing has been conducted regarding motorcycles, snowmobiles, boats, or any other case manufactures. Therefore Outer Limit Supply cannot offer a warranty of any kind and will not assume any risk or liability if used/install outside these parameters.
California Disclaimer: These products have not been tested to see if they contain chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, and other reproductive harm. Outer Limit Supply does not approve sale of these products into the state of California.

Warranty Information

If you use an Outer Limit Supply kit to save a life, let us know! Send us official documentation and we will gladly replace whatever components you have used free of charge. Exchanges are welcome as long as they are done within 14 days and the product is in new/unopened condition. Outer Limit Supply does not cover, nor will be held responsible for replacement of any of the components of the kit if they are damaged/worn from normal ÌÎÌ¥wear and tearÌÎÌÕ, misuse/abuse, or modification.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review