Versa Modular Bed System

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  • Modular Versa wall mount J-Channel front view

Product Overview

NOTE: Wood Finish has been discontinued.

The Versa Bed system consists of 4 unique panels that are 18” wide each and can expand from 60” to 72” long to fit Sprinters, Promasters, Transits, and all other vehicles with interior widths between 60" and 72".

The bed panels hang from four 72” lengths of Van Wife  J-channel (included in the system) and can be secured with a bolt (included).

J-channel and the mounting bracket on the bed are both nearly flush to the wall and prevents anything from being caught on it. Panel 2 is specially designed to hang from Panel 3 to create a bench seat when not in use as a bed. The bench is secured in placed with long bolts (included).

The J-Channel can be mounted at any height in the van to create multiple combinations in the same van:

  • one large platform bed
  • two bunks
  • a desk and bench
  • a table between your back doors
  • anything else you can dream up!

Just mount your J-channel at the height needed for each panel. You may order extra J-channel if you need more options for height. Please note that the Van Wife bed system is not a mounting kit and we recommend reinforcing your vehicle's J-channel attachment points when installing the system.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review